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“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” ~John Muir

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Time and time again, people have realized that coming out into nature can help center their spirits and renew their mission. Suttle Lake Camp can help you and your group reconnect with each other and your mission in new ways through stunning settings and radical hospitality. Here you’ll discover “a place apart to be together.”

Suttle Lake Camp is proud to host over 80 nonprofit organizations per year that work to better the community and the world. These nonprofit organizations include religiously affiliated groups, schools, and service organizations, and serving them is a vital part of Suttle Lake Camp’s mission and ministry. Explore the website or contact director Jane Petke at 541-595-6663 or to find out how Suttle Lake Camp can support your group as you develop and implement life-changing programs, train leaders, gather for visioning and planning, or take time for renewal and inspiration.

Suttle Lake Camp provides radical hospitality to EVERY person who comes. You are welcome in this place!


Excited about bringing your group to Suttle Lake Camp? Click here to see our contract rates per person for building usage or contact director Jane Petke at (541) 595-6663 or to discuss your gorup's needs in greater detail.

Wi-Fi and Cell Phones

While we encourage guests to fully experience the relaxation and inspiration of nature during their time at Suttle Lake Camp by “unplugging” from their devices, we understand that guests sometimes do require access to technology. Therefore, we have easily accessible wi-fi internet in the main buildings of camp. Cell phone coverage varies according to provider.


To make a reservation, contact Jane Petke at (541) 595-6663 or

If your preferred Suttle Lake Camp accommodation is already in use, we invite you to consider coming on a different date. If dates at Suttle Lake Camp are unsuitable, we invite you to use one of Suttle Lake Camp’s sister facilities, affiliated with the United Methodist Church:

Camp Magruder on the Oregon Coast
Camp Sawtooth in the mountains of Idaho
Camp Latgawa in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon
Wallowa Lake Camp in the mountains of Northeast Oregon
Alton L. Collins, an adult retreat center near Mt. Hood

We are Open All Year!

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